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Here and There. Our Community.

Here & There was established in 1996 under the name “Here & There UK”. Its founders were individuals from Somalia who were concerned about the social conditions of Somalis living in London and in Somalia. We became a registered charity early this year 2006 under the name “Here & There Somaliland Educational Trust”.

What We Do

Charity’s activities include:

The Koranic and basic educational support
Financial support to maintain the Koranic education system Teacher training support to strengthen the Koranic education system Educational material support.

Our Story

Rural inhabitants don’t usually receive public services provisions (such as education and and health) as they should have as most of these services are concentrated in the main cities. Either the government nor NGOs endeavour to reach out rural areas and particularly the Odweine district. 

 And hence the charity made its mission to assist local people of these villages in running their traditional learning centres by training the teachers and paying them some allowances as well as updating the educational materials. We intend to modernise these learning centres by adding arithmetic, languages and science lessons. We also advocate for the inclusion of more girls into this traditional education system that served the people for centuries.

Helping Deprived Children of Somaliland

In Somaliland, children in remote rural areas are more deprived than the children who live in urban areas and cities in terms of accessing basic education and health services. There is higher infant mortality and morbidity and less school enrollment rate than their counterparts in the urban centres.

Here and There provides flexible and culturally appropriate education programme to 12 villages in Somaliland/Somalia by strengthening their traditional Quranic centres. With the involvement of parents, we support the teachers’ allowances, provide teachers training and education material. Teachers also take part in raising awareness of the importance of sanitation and hygiene issues in the community.

Ongoing Causes

The ongoing causes include increasing the enrollment of more girls into education and finding female role model teachers. Hence afternoon classes are specifically dedicated to girls who are not able to come to the morning classes and as a result girls’ attendances are increasing.

We also embarked on changing villagers’ views of keeping the mosque and madrasah (Quranic classes) separate; and hence some villages have already started bringing the two under one roof (in the mosque).

Evening Madrasa

Evening madrasa is usually held in the village mosque and convened after Maghrib prayers. It is an opportunity of learning for children who could not come to the day classes; and a good time for children to revise their lessons. Evening madrasa is very popular among parents as they support their children and a good chance for them to improve their Qura’n reading skills.


Traditional Birth Attendance (TBA)

The rural villages we support are usually disadvantaged when it comes accessing to health care services, particularly midwifery services. That applies more to villages located in remote places far away from urban centres than those closer to urban centres. Consequently, unnecessary high rate of maternal mortalities take place (i.e. deaths during birth) that could have been easily avoided by training local Traditional Birth Attendants and providing basic necessary kits and community healthcare. We are thinking of training traditional birth attendants for these villages and with your support we might implement such project in the future.


Koranic School for Children

The charity supports rural villages, and within these villages the traditional Koranic Education system has survived for centuries. It is a time-tested system that deserves support. This system provides children with a basic level of literacy (acquired through the teaching of Koranic and Arabic studies and Mother tongue, Somali). We currently support 12 Koranic schools of about 870 children. The charity provides financial support (allowances) to the teachers. We also recognise that it is important to improve and modernise the Koranic Education’s system in the interest of making the education of these children effective and relevant to their needs.


Teacher’s Training

We organise one-week training/seminar for the teachers of these villages and the last one took place in the summer last year (2019) facilitated by experienced educationalists. The training covered mainly teaching methods and child development. About 20 teachers took part of the training who gave very positive feedback about the content, delivery, and relevance of the training. With only your support we will maintain organising such training.


We’ve Raised over £1000

These village education centres are funded mainly individuals’ smaller donations, collections from London mosques (mostly during Ramadan) and parents’ contributions. However, this year’s closure of mosques due to COVID19 disrupted our fundraising activities of this year. We have raised only £1000 this year and our target is to raise £12,000, and with your support we can reach that target.

How You Can Get Involved


Volunteer Program

you can volunteer by taking part in fundraising activities which mostly take in London community centres and mosques, donate primary school books, stationery (books, pencils etc.). You can also collect donations from your friends and family for this noble cause (supporting basic education of deprived children). 

Sponsor Programme

we are thinking about setting up sponsoring a child programme and will publish it in this website as soon as it is set up.

Charity Fund

  1. We used to raise most of our funding in the Ramadan month, however this year all mosques in the UK are closed due to COVID19 lockdown; and the good work we have been doing in the last 15yrs is in jeopardy unless we secure donations from the Muslim public around the world. We are targeting to raise at least £12,000 and we hope you would generously donate to this worthy cause (supporting deprived children in rural areas in Somaliland/Somalia).  

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Be part of a noble cause. There are many ways you can contribute to the cause of Here and There.


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